Hans Palacios

Web Designer | Developer

A business-oriented full stack web developer with experience in sales and management.

“Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career.”

-  Ryan Freitas


Technical Skills & Experience

  • Ruby (Rails & Sinatra)
  • SQL
  • Javascript (Vanilla and JQuery)
  • CSS & SCSS
  • HTML
  • Social media integration into website
  • Google Maps API
  • Soundcloud API
  • Heroku
  • Cloudflare

Websites & Projects

Velveteen EnsembleGithublogo

A company that books musicians in multiple cities for weddings, corporate events, and concerts among other venues.

  • Built using SQL, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and Jquery, SCSS, and HTML
  • Integrated Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook into site so certain information updates automatically.
  • Using Heroku for Hosting, and Cloudflare for managing the DNS and SSL
  • Using Sendgrid for messaging, as well as multiple widgets from review sites to show current reviews from clients



An app which gives users access to a database of great venues for different types of dates

  • Built using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and SCSS with a 2 week deadline
  • Using Google API for maps and easy to access information on venues.
  • Optional memberships for discounts and extra services


Groundwork DetailingGithublogo

A custom designed website for an auto detailing company in Connecticut

  • Modern design with an easy user interface in mind
  • Built out using Ruby on Rails, SQL, Javascript, bootstrap and SCSS
  • Worked with client directly and worked through or compromised with multiple design changes
  • Embedded images from Instagram using Instafeed
  • Admin Site with the ability to edit all textboxes, including pricing and contact information


Where NextGithublogo

An easy to use and mobile friendly app for popular clubs and bars in Williamsburg, NY

  • Group Project, where I built out most of the backend and design, while partner designed the SVG map and functionality
  • Designed for an extremely simple user experience, with easy navigation, and minimal pages
  • Built using Ruby on Rails, Javascript, SCSS, and Bootstrap


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